A team headed by Brian Earp is publishing a forthcoming paper in Clinical Pediatrics that does probably the most careful, reputable study to date regarding deaths following newborn circumcision in the United States. It provides a reliable estimate of approximately one otherwise entirely avoidable death per every 50,000 circumcisions. This is a good paper to hold onto and send to prospective parents if they seem able to accept such information as parents are unlikely to permit ANY needless, medically unjustified risk involving their own children.

Earp, B. D., Allareddy, V., Allareddy, V., & Rotta, A. T. (in press). Factors associated with early deaths following neonatal circumcision in the United States, 2001-2010. Clinical Pediatrics, in press. Available online ahead of print at Factors Associated With Early Deaths Following Neonatal Male Circumcision Iin the United States 2001-2010