We are pleased to announce that we hired translators who translated to English 50 foreign language documents related to genital autonomy, which are now available on our website. These include the two Swiss cases that we had translated that we recently added to our Legal Victories page, as well as an assortment of court cases from other European countries.

Several of those cases will be incorporated into an upcoming paper of Steven’s, including:
1) A Dutch case from 2007 in which the child’s foster parents protected him from his biological mother, as the court ruled that circumcision was not in the child’s best interests.
2) A German case, also from 2007, in which the court held that an 11-year-old’s circumcision constituted an unlawful personal injury.
3) A 2013 German case in which the court, citing the possibility of psychological damage, protected the 6-year-old child of a Kenyan woman who wanted part of her son’s penis to be amputated.
4) The 2013 Swiss case previously released here.
5) The 2019 Swiss case previously released here.

In addition to the court cases and other miscellaneous documents, our Translations page also includes a large number of German academic legal articles pertaining to the historic 2012 Cologne case and the subsequent legislative shenanigans in the Bundestag.

We compiled this collection of translations over the past several years, and are now making them publicly available for the benefit of the English-speaking legal and activist communities.