For Immediate Release: 7/10/2003

Wrongful circumcision case filed

Fayette County, GA -William Haynes, Jr.’s, parents claim they did not receive sufficient information about the risks of the surgery prior to his circumcision. Haynes, now 19 years old, is suing the doctor who circumcised him and the hospital where he was circumcised, claiming he was sexually maimed.

Prior to Haynes’ birth, Dr. Smith had not discussed with his parents their desires in regard to neonatal circumcision if their newborn child should be a boy. Even after his birth, Smith, his agent, or a hospital employee merely sought permission to perform a circumcision. At no time did Smith, his agent, or a hospital employee disclose to either parent the material risks and disadvantages of circumcision – something a reasonable healthcare provider would have done due to the risk of injury that could result. One of those material risks is injury to the glans penis with the removal of glanular material in addition to foreskin, which Haynes suffered. If Haynes’ parents had been informed of the material risks of circumcision, they would have declined the procedure for their son. The failure of Smith to provide informed consent counseling was conduct that fell below the standard of care and skill required of medical practitioners.

David Llewellyn filed a lawsuit June 26, 2003, in the Superior Court of Lowndes County, State of Georgia, on behalf of Plaintiff William Haynes, Jr., a 19-year-old, born June 28, 1983, who resides in Fayette County, Georgia. Named defendants were Frank Q. Smith, MD, Southern Ob-Gyn Associates, and the Hospital Authority of Valdosta and Lowndes County, which is doing business as the South Georgia Medical Centers.


David J. Llewellyn, Conyers, Georgia, regularly represents the victims of circumcision throughout the country, can be reached at 1-770-918-1911.