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Lawsuits ahead!; sensitivity proven lost by circumcised men

A study published today in the British Journal of Urology International proves that when men are circumcised, they lose critically important sensitivity that can never be recovered. Typical circumcised men, according to the study, have on average one fourth the sensation of normal, intact men. The United States is the only developed country that continues to cut a majority of its baby boys, many decades after all medical justifications have been disproven.

J. Steven Svoboda, Harvard-educated attorney and Executive Director of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child, comments, “Finally the missing link has been given us to prove what we have long suspected, that circumcision has created untold tragedies that we can now prove in court with hard data. As a result of this important news about one of our country’s most shocking practices, an avalanche of individual and class-action lawsuits will be filed in coming years. Money will flow to compensate the males who had valuable tissue painfully extracted.”

The “Fine-touch Pressure Thresholds in the Adult Penis” article is written by a team of five doctors and two nurses headed by lead researcher Morris Sorrells, MD.

The research mapped fine-touch pressure thresholds of the adult penis in circumcised and noncircumcised males to determine differences between the two populations. Researchers measured sensitivity of the intact (non-circumcised) and circumcised penis.

Five sites on the penis—all regularly taken away by circumcision—are more sensitive than the most sensitive site left behind on the circumcised penis.

This study demonstrates what medical experts have suspected for decades, that circumcision reduces men’s sexual pleasure. Svoboda commented, “Male circumcision and female circumcision have similar results and are performed for similar reasons. We protect females in this country and do not protect males because one procedure seems comfortable to us and the other barbaric. Lawsuits will disprove this mistaken justification for needlessly hurting children and taking important tissue from men for life.”