Fantastic news was revealed at the recent 18th International AIDS Conference in Vienna, where Charbel El Bcheraoui, Ph.D. of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave a presentation stating that the US newborn circumcision rate has plunged from 56% in 2006 to only 33% a short three years later in 2009.

This data appears likely to be reliable as according to the CDC, it comes from the largest review of US circumcision rates ever performed. While it is probably impossible to be certain of the exact causes of this development, Attorneys for the Rights of the Child and other intactivists can justly take credit for much of the change, especially given that it has been achieved despite the attempts of some to promote the procedure to allegedly help stop AIDS in Africa.

Vienna participants Martin N. and Ken Drabik will be reporting in detail on this important conference in our next newsletter, due out in a few months.