We are pleased to report that The Journal of Medical Ethics–published out of Oxford and reputedly the world’s top journal on issues of medical ethics–is on the verge of publishing two new articles of mine, one of which is written with Bob Van Howe and will lead off the issue addressing the American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2012 position statement and technical report, the other article analyzing male circumcision as a human rights violation.

J.S. Svoboda, R. Van Howe. “Out of step: fatal flaws in the latest AAP policy report on neonatal circumcision”
Steven Svoboda, “Circumcision of male infants as a human rights violation”

Also, we are once more very honored that In Search of Fatherhood magazine (http://globalfatherhooddialogue.blogspot.com) is publishing, in its Winter 2013 issue, a reprint of my article with Bob Van Howe and Frederick Hodges, “Prophylactic Interventions on Children: Balancing Human Rights with Public Health,” originally published in 2002 in the Journal of Medical Ethics on ethical requirements for prophylactic interventions on children including prophylactic mastectomy, immunization, cosmetic ear surgery, and male circumcision.

We owe a continuing debt of gratitude to In Search of Fatherhood for having featured our work and having discussed intactivism in detail no fewer than five times (and in their last four issues). Anyone interested in a sample copy or a subscription to In Search of Fatherhood can contact editor Diane A. Sears at insearchoffatherhood@gmail.com.

Steven Svoboda
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child