I appeared with host Shelton Walden on his long-standing show “Walden’s Pond” on Christmas Day, December 25, 2011, on WBAI, New York City’s public radio station. We have been getting great feedback from listeners on our attempt at summarizing the developments in a very eventful year for intactivism. Topics we addressed included Van Lewis’ life and activism (and also John Sawkey’s life and work) and a roundup of pertinent events this year including the San Francisco petition drive and ensuing events, September’s conference in Keele, UK marking the rise of the genital autonomy movement that brings together activists against all forms of genital cutting, the Dutch Medical Association’s launching of a campaign against male circumcision, highlights of the recently published ARC Newsletter, and a recent important article conclusively debunking the asserted link between circumcision and reducing HIV infection. We also discussed the upcoming special issue of the Global Discourse journal focusing on genital autonomy as well as the relationship of gender politics to the common misperception that male genital cutting does not merit serious concern.

I appeared on Shelton’s show a few times in the late 90’s and early 2000’s and once in 2010 so it was a pleasure to again visit “Walden’s Pond.”

Steven Svoboda
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child