The 15th International Symposium on Genital Autonomy & Children’s Rights, organized by Genital Autonomy America, was held in San Francisco from May 4-6, 2018. It proved a phenomenal success, with an incredibly high quality of presentations by leading experts on diverse aspects of genital autonomy. Brian Earp opened the event with a spellbinding keynote speech concluding that to end any form of genital cutting, all forms should be ended.

ARC Executive Director Steven Svoboda ended up being inspired the morning of his presentation and extensively rewriting a talk that discussed in detail numerous successes we have had in the movement in this decade. In his presentation, titled, “Genital Autonomy and the World,” he cited by name many of our leading activists, scholars and organizations.

Our Legal Advisor, Peter Adler, gave a superlative talk incisively analyzing how male circumcision violates physicians’ fiduciary duties to their patients. George Denniston offered wonderful concluding remarks at the concluding banquet including reminiscences about Nobel Laureates Albert Einstein and George Wald. Marilyn Milos received the appropriate honors at the final symposium to be organized by GA America.

The next issue of the ARC Newsletter, due out in December 2018, will also have full details and numerous pictures of this groundbreaking event.

Steven Svoboda

Attorneys for the Rights of the Child

Attorney in Bloodstained Suit at Circumcision Protest