Members of Parliament in Finland are seeking to pass legislation to ban circumcision outright or to limit it.

Steven Svoboda
Executive Director
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child

MPs Support Law Proposed to Ban Circumcision

Thu, 03 Apr, 2014

A draft law aimed at banning circumcision has received considerable support from the lawmakers in parliament, reported MTV.

Most of the members in the parliamentary Social Affairs and Health Committee supported the law.

More than half of the members extended their support to either imposing a ban or limiting circumcision.

Some expert ogranisations also supported the proposed law. Circumcision of boys is often associated with religion or culture.

In Finland, most hospitals have refused to carry out circumcision because of religious reasons.

Circumcisions at homes have been subject of suspected assaults. Some prosecutions have resulted to sentences while some have not.

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