ARC was represented at the 29th Annual Palm Springs (California) Pride Festival, which took place on November 7 and 8, 2015, by an information booth run by Tim Hammond and collaborators from Tim’s latest organization, Genital Integrity and Autonomy vs. Non-Therapeutic Surgeries. Over 140,000 people attended the event.

Dozens of visitors stopped by the ARC booth, staffed by Tim Hammond, John Diviggiano, Joe Sain and transgender activist Dene Nelson. Despite a few detractors who couldn’t see beyond their own sexual preferences, the majority of visitors – including a number of Canadian snowbirds – appreciated the children’s rights approach taken by ARC. For most of Saturday and into the early evening, the booth featured a TV monitor that played the video “Circumcision: The Whole Story,” which attracted many curious onlookers and gave us a chance to begin a dialogue about the bodily integrity rights of children.

Steven Svoboda
Attorneys for the Rights of the Child