We are pleased to have been informed today, December 5, 2022, that the journal Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics has accepted our proposal for a short article containing Steven Svoboda’s story about parental decision-making regarding circumcision with the birth of his son Eli in 2002.

Marilyn Milos (NOCIRC) presents Steven Svoboda with the 2002 Human Rights Award at the International Symposium on Human Rights and Modern Society on April 5, 2002 in Washington, D.C.

We are also pleased to report that four other long-time ARC friends and collaborators were also accepted, including:

  1. Maria Viola Sanchez, Ph.D., Founder & CEO of the California 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, STOP THE CUT NOW! Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation
  2. Petrina Fadel, Founder of Catholics Against Circumcision
  3. Lisa Braver Moss, President and Co-Founder of Bruchim