In Boldt v. Boldt, the Oregon case in which a recently converted Jewish father has been seeking the circumcision of his twelve-year-old son, the Oregon Supreme Court has reversed the trial court’s and the court of appeals’ decisions in favor of the father. The Oregon Supreme Court has remanded (returned) the case to the trial court for further proceedings. This is exactly what we wanted.

This is a huge win for genital integrity although it does not guarantee the final outcome.

More updates:
John Geisheker wrote about the happy conclusion to this case in the Fall 2009 issue of the ARC Newsletter (page 8):

Misha told the judge that he did NOT want to be circumcised and did NOT want to be Jewish. The Judge went on the record in the courtroom accepting that testimony…
…Ironically, had Misha’s preferences been asked five years ago when he was nine, the court could more easily have ignored him and humored the father. So the delay, while unconscionable, may have saved him. During the intervening half decade, he had the time to develop some of the aplomb of an adult, as well as an evident sense of himself as in charge of his own destiny.

Steven Svoboda mentioned the case in this article published in 2010:
‘Three-Fourths Were Abnormal’ – Misha’s Case, Sick Societies, and the Law