A letter we wrote along with Doctors Opposing Circumcision to the Association of Texas Midwives may have played a role in its cancellation of its astonishing plan to stage a circumcision at its conference. Our letter to the Oakland Tribune corrected misstatements regarding the American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement was published in the March 12, 1999 issue.

Preserving Physicians’ Accountability – Letter dated June 19, 1998 to American Medical Association urging indefinite tabling of Resolution No. 224, which would mandate that the AMA “devise effective methods to protect Physicians from the criminalization of medicine,” potentially helping to insulate doctors from liability for medically unjustified procedures such as childhood genital surgery.

Contesting Illegal Appropriation of Harvested Foreskins – Filed letter dated January 20, 1998 formally contesting the Food and Drug Administration’s then pending consideration of an application to use baby boys’ foreskins as a principal component of wound dressings without any consent from the patient.

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