Legal Victories

This list only represents a very small percentage of the total number of circumcision-related lawsuits. Privately arranged settlements and sealed settlements are both highly unlikely to appear in the list. Accordingly, this list grossly underestimates the number of successful circumcision-related lawsuits and the cost of male circumcision.

We thank David J. Llewellyn and Charles Bonner for their work in circumcision-related lawsuits.

Case Number: 56
A 2004 German case awarding compensation to a victim of childhood genital mutilation.

Case Number: 55
A 2019 Swiss case upholding a child’s right to genital autonomy.

Case Number: 54
A 2013 Swiss case upholding a child’s right to genital autonomy.

Case Number: 53
Settlement Amount: $31 million
Name of Case: Willis v. Life Cycle Pediatrics, Clayton County Case No.2014CV02070 JP
Hospital/Physician: Life Cycle Pediatrics
Place: Riverdale, GA
Date of Trauma: September or October 2013
Date of Award/Settlement or Date of Court Decision: September 21, 2018
Plaintiff: 4 year old boy, son of Nancy Willis
Plaintiff’s Attorney: Neal Pope
Description: After a trial, a Georgia jury awarded a boy $31 million for a botched circumcision that severed part of the boy’s penis, causing physical pain from chronic scabbing and a likely lifetime of mental anguish because of the resulting deformity.
Citation: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, September 21, 2018, “Clayton Jury Awards Boy $31M for Botched Circumcision,” by Joshua Sharpe