The Intact 2022 Symposium held on August 27-28, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, the sixteenth symposium overall, was the first such event co-organized by Intact America and the Law Office of David J. Llewellyn.
ARC was very happy to be able to provide scholarships to enable five people to attend the symposium.

Intact 2022 proved a smashing success, all the more impressive for being a debut symposium by these two brethren organizations of ARC. (IA’s Executive Director Georganne Chapin and David Llewellyn are both ARC Board Members, David being our only original board member other than ARC’s founder Steven Svoboda who is still serving after 25 years.) Many young, fresh voices were evident both in the speakers and in the attendees. (We will discuss all of these in detail in the six separate Atlanta reports in our upcoming newsletter.) Intact 2022 boasted 70 total attendees including 50 in-person attendees and 20 virtual attendees.

Steven Svoboda’s talk, titled, “Genital Autonomy, Equal Protection, and the Law: A Story of Two Judicial Decisions Seventeen Years Apart,” was very well-received (Video). At the last minute, he added a brief discussion of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ oddly similar position statements on transgender surgery and male circumcision, and of possible connections between the two very different issues.

The ARC Newsletter is scheduled to come out in October. Planned contents include:

  1. Six separate reports on the symposium by each of the scholarship recipients and by Steven giving six different perspectives on this important event.
  2. A photo spread packed with numerous photographs from the event.
  3. A feature article by Kelly Floyd on her history with activism.
  4. A feature article by Daniel Green on his fascinating path toward working to protect genital autonomy.
  5. A feature article by Dan MacClymont on how he became motivated to work to stop male circumcision.
  6. A review of Peter Adler’s new book, Circumcision is a Fraud.
  7. A Message from the Executive Director, news reports, and more.