Genital Autonomy: Why Circumcision Must Be Stopped

Author: Jonathan Friedman

J. Steven Svoboda

Jonathan Friedman, editor of IntactNews and webmaster for ARC, has produced what is apparently the intactivist movement’s first zine. He did an excellent job covering pertinent topics including the natural penis, the circumcision procedure and its consequences, the history of medicalization of the practice, and the anthropology of circumcision. Friedman concludes with a section on circumcision in the present day briefly touching on a range of topics including financial motivations, medical motivations, circumcision and HIV, and religious motivations. The whole zine contains thirteen pages of text (not including the references) and is attractively laid out with some nice pictures. The zine can easily be read in just a few minutes and could prove a highly valuable tool to help persuade people regarding our views.

Feel free to download a PDF of the zine from Bay Area Intactivists. Print out as many as you like. Please send an email inquiry to for bulk orders.