Published papers authored by Executive Director Steven Svoboda and other ARC associates.

Title Authors Publication Year
Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting and the Rights of the Child: Moving Toward Consensus Brussels Collaboration on Bodily Integrity American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) 2019
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Growing World Consensus to Leave Circumcision Decision to Affected Individual Svoboda American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) 2015
Circumcision is a Religious/Cultural Procedure, Not a Medical Procedure Svoboda JAMA Pediatrics – Journal of the American Medical Association 2014
Non-therapeutic circumcision – The problem of advocacy-based medicine Svoboda, Van Howe Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) E-Letter 2014
Circumcision: A bioethical challenge Svoboda, Van Howe Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) E-Letter 2014
Circumcision of Male Infants as a Human Rights Violation Svoboda Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) 2013
Promoting Genital Autonomy by Exploring Commonalities Between Male, Female, Intersex, and Cosmetic Female Genital Cutting Svoboda Global Discourse 2013
Tortured Bodies, Tortured Doctrines – Informed Consent as a Legal Fiction Inapplicable to Neonatal Male Circumcision Svoboda Springer 2013
Out of Step: Fatal Flaws in the Latest AAP Policy Report on Neonatal Circumcision Svoboda, Van Howe Journal of Medical Ethics (JME) 2013
Financially, Ethically and Legally, Circumcision is Unsuitable to Combat AIDS and HIV: Letter in response to Young et al. Svoboda Pediatrics 2012
Genital Integrity and Gender Equity Svoboda Thymos 2010
Please Focus on Stopping FGC and MGC; Keep Our Children Safe: Letter re AAP Flip-Flop on Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors Svoboda Pediatrics 2010
Review of Hernlund Shell-Duncan ‘Transcultural Bodies’ Svoboda Social and Legal Studies 2010
‘Three-Fourths Were Abnormal’ – Misha’s Case, Sick Societies, and the Law Svoboda, Denniston, Milos, Hodges ‘Genital Autonomy – Protecting Personal Choice’ 2010
Review of Thomson ‘Endowed’ Svoboda Social and Legal Studies 2009
A Treatise from the Trenches: Why Are Circumcision Lawsuits So Hard to Win? Svoboda, Denniston, Milos, Hodges ‘Circumcision and Human Rights’ 2009
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A Rose By Any Other Name? Symmetry and Asymmetry in Male and Female Genital Cutting Svoboda, Darby C. Zabus ed. Fearful Symmetries book 2008
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Tax Dollar Funding of Medically Unnecessary Circumcisions Through Medicaid Craig, Cruz, Denniston, Svoboda, Travis International Coalition for Genital Integrity 2001
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