KOPN Radio Interview

On November 9, Steven was interviewed by Janel Miranda and Rich Winkle of Thoughtcrime Radio on radio station KOPN (89.5FM, Columbia, Missouri; www.kopn.org). Janel and Rich were well-prepared and sympathetic interviewers and did a fantastic job. The discussion was pretty far-ranging and included human rights protections applicable to male circumcision; our 2001 mission to the United Nations that resulted in the first UN document focusing on male circumcision as a human rights violation; the ongoing violation of the constitutional guarantee of equal protection; flaws in the African studies as well as developments relating to HIV and the CDC and other recent medical studies; the new organization Intact America; and parental rights and responsibilities. The URL to visit if you are interested in listening to the podcast is: www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/janel/TCR091109.mp3


KOPN allows anyone with Internet access to listen to the station live through a link from their home page. The program producing the interview is Thoughtcrime Radio (thoughtcrimeradio.blogspot.com/), operated by Rich Winkle and L. Janel Martin, and they are doing a series on circumcision, having previously interviewed Marilyn Milos, Gloria Lemay, and David Chamberlain on the topic.


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