Important New UK Decision Upholds Children’s Rights

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We are pleased to announce that an important new legal decision has been handed down in the UK upholding children's rights. While the judgment is not perfect, the judge's primary reasoning protects the child's best interests and his right to personal autonomy.

 This landmark event can be attributed in large part to the tireless efforts of our close colleague and friend James Chegwidden, who co-represented the plaintiff mother in this case. The case involved a threatened circumcision of two boys that was sought by the father to be performed by a medical professional, but for purely religious reasons. The court refused to permit the procedure to be performed, finding that circumcision carries real risks. The court also found that nothing in Islam requires male circumcision before an age when the boys could make the decision for themselves (15-16 years old) and that to the contrary, intact boys can fully participate in their father's Muslim community and culture and would not suffer exclusion. The case can be accessed at