Men's Lib Picketers Arrested

Men's Lib Pickets Hospital... police carted them off
Van Lewis Memoriam
Vol. 9
No. 1
Thu, 12/17/1970
Van and Ben Lewis
Van and Ben Lewis protest infant circumcision outside of Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Tallahasee, Fl., December 17, 1970

Two young men were arrested yesterday in front of the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital carrying signs and shouting at motorists.

Identified as Benjamin Bridges Lewis of 424 N. Calhoun St. and William Van Brunt Lewis of 3117 Okeeheepkee Road, were charged with disturbing the peace and turned over to county officials.

A leaflet they carried said that an average of 60 male babies per month were circumcised in Tallahassee despite "scientific research which has shown infant circumcision to be physicaly, bio-energetically, sexually, emotionally, and physically damaging."

County Prosecutor John Rudd signed the affidavit with the charges.