Fighting for the rights of children and their Dads

Vol. 9
No. 1
Wed, 06/01/2011
J. Steven Svoboda
J. Steven Svoboda, Founder of ARC

J. Steven Svoboda, the E.D. of Attorneys for the Rights of the Child and PR Director for National Coalition for Men spent 30 minutes with Todd and Laura talking about discrimination toward men.

Times have changed. No longer do all men bring home the bacon and long gone are the days that all women fry it up in a pan. Still there are rights that are not being given to… men?

It may not seem that way, but in many areas where families are concerned, men usually get the short end of the stick. In custody cases, in domestic violence cases, in the case of changing a babies diaper in a public facility, there is a bias against men.

The National Coalition for Men helped get changing tables in bathrooms so father’s could change diapers. It seems natural now, but 15 years ago it wasn’t.

Women led their movement and became empowered and have been doing a great job at creating equality in the workplace. Men want equality in other places and they aren’t getting it easily.

This discussion might rattle your feathers a little bit, but it is one that will make you think twice before you judge a man by the look of him.