In Memory of Van Lewis

Van Lewis Memoriam
Vol. 9
No. 1
Daniel Strandjord
Sun, 07/24/2011
Dan Strandjord protesting circumcision
Dan Strandjord protesting infant circumcision in front of the University of Chicago hospital

I met Van at some of the protests outside AAP and/or ACOG meetings and his tale of being arrested protesting outside a hospital had a lot to do with my being cautious starting my protest outside the U of Chicago Hospital.  (7 years now - began June 15th, 2004).

Of course, not wanting to get arrested, I first went to the U of Chicago Police to tell them about my intentions.   I was told I was welcome to exercise my 1st Amendment right to protest.   I wouldn’t mind going to jail for this cause if I could get fed, housed, and laid at taxpayer expense.  However, I’m not good looking enough to go to jail.    So,  all I’d get is fed and housed.